Change the Way Your Floors are Maintained with UV's Instant Coating!

What is UV Coating?

UV coating is a clear, 100% solid coating designed to replace conventional, high maintenance acrylic finishes on Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) surfaces. The coating is cured instantly with a UV curing unit and it is ready for use immediately. Once cured, the UV coating will retain a high gloss several times longer than traditional floor finishes without the need of burnishing. UV coating has superior stain and scratch resistance providing a highly durable, long lasting surface and shine, which is easily maintained with reduced labor and chemical usage.

Upkeeper Services Inc. will help you with your uv floor coating needs!

Why UV?

Improved coating durability and installation efficiencies reduce maintenance costs a minimum of 40% for all customers by nearly eliminating periodic floor maintenance (products and equipment), facility and production down time, and labor cost to apply and maintain surfaces.

UV coating contribute positively to a sustainable future. The improved coating reduces energy consumption and emits zero Volatile Organic Componds (VOC's) into the atmosphere when compared to traditional floor care maintenance protocols.

Changing the way you maintain your floors!

UV's Instant Coating is our innovative VOC free floor coating. The self leveling formula cures instantly when exposed to targeted UV light from our curing machine. The liquid coating is composed of 100% reactive solids. The coating is similar in performance and characteristic to moisture cured urethanes. When exposed to dualwave UV light from our UV curing machine, UV cures immediately, ready for traffic!

Efficiency and Costs

Our UV treatment provides a high gloss, durable surface that is warranty guaranteed to last a minimum of 1 year. This eliminates the need for periodic re-coating and refinishing. Only regular daily care is required to keep the floor looking great. By eliminating the time consuming periodic maintenance and associated downtimes, and required chemicals and coatings, significant savings can be realized.

The UV Advantage

  • Save 40-80% on your annual floor care budget
  • Cures instantly - no need to shut down your facility
  • Eliminates Burnishing - no costly equipment, no labor intensive man hours
  • Eliminates Buffing - improves indoor air quality
  • Eliminates Stripping - no more toxic odor or mess
  • Eliminates Waxing, Scrubbing, and Re-coating
  • Durable - abrasion resistant
  • Easy to maintain - simple sweeping and mopping is usually enough
  • High coefficient of friction reduces slip hazard
  • Environmentally Friendly - drastically increased life maintenance. And chemical free stripping techniques reduce water consumption and waste water pollution.